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HD Movies App is one of the newer apps that work on the Android platform, mainly. It is not the old movie HD app. You may easily install this app on Android mobiles, tablets, Android TV and Boxes, and even Amazon Fire Stick. The most important aspect of this app is that it has a massive catalog of content, and here you may watch your favorite Movies and TV shows. This app is lightweight. It doesn’t occupy a considerable space in the memory card. There are so many apps that make our device slow, but the HD movie app doesn’t act like that. It doesn’t have any adverse effects on the device. You can play here anything in HD quality. This app is an excellent alternative to other media services. But you can’t find it on the Google Play Store. In that case, there is a method to get it. The process is called sideloading, which is a manual process of installing the application on any Android device.

Features of HD Movies APP:

This app is an excellent choice for those who love to watch on-demand content on their device. It becomes so popular because of a few incredible features.

This app has an extensive stock of movies and shows, including the recently released.  You may find here the latest episodes of many shows.

It is an entirely free application. You may download it and play it without any cost.

The app is ad-supported, but it is not very annoying.

It presents you with a full HD quality. There is no doubt about its fantastic picture quality. HD quality gives entertainment on a high level.

  • This app has its scrapers that fetch quality links from various servers.
  • It is effortless to install and so simple that anybody can use it smoothly.
  • It gets designed professionally, so it helps you to find your choice. Here you may find any movie or show very quickly due to its well-built format.
  • This app is lightweight and works smoothly, even on low-end devices.
  • It occupies only 14.3 MB in memory.
  • You may use it on your Android phones, tablets, Android Box, Fire TV, etc.
  • This app is a full package of entertainment.

Version Details:

The current Android version of HD Movie App is V1.3.3. It modulates itself through several times of update. Its compatible IOS versions are – IOS 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6. It makes its update automatically.

Downloading Process:

 APK file is a directly executable file for any Android device. You have to download the app from a reliable source. At that time if your browser asks you for the confirmation, press on the “OK” button. To install the app on your android device, you have to follow the steps which get mentioned below

  • Open the “Settings” menu on your Android device.
  • Go to the “Security” option
  • Select “Unknown Sources.”
  • Turn on the opportunity.
  • Then use any file manager app on your device to find out the file of HD Movies APP.
  • Tap on “HD Movie APP,” and then you can find an option that is “install.”
  • Press on “install.”
  • It takes a few seconds to install the app. So wait for a few seconds.
  • After the installation opens the app. It is entirely ready to use.
  • Before taking this app, don’t forget to check your memory space. If there is enough space, then download the app and install it successfully.

HD Movie APP downloading process for IOS device:

There are several steps to get HD Movie APK on your IOS device. Those are

  • Go to the Safari Browser to download and install APPValley.
  • When AppVelly is present on your IOS device, and then go to “settings.”
  • Then open “general” and then go to “device management” and launch the application.
  • Then search here the HD Movie APK.”
  • Click on the Searched result.
  • Go to the “Download” option
  • It takes a few seconds to download. So wait for a while.
  • After downloading the press on the “install” option.
  • It also makes a little bit of time to install.

    After the installation procedure opens the app. It is ready to use now.

You should keep in mind that the source from which you have to download the particular app that source must be reliable and trustworthy. Otherwise, it will be harmful to your IOS device. So before downloading please flip through the reviews of that source. If it has kind remarks, then you can trust on it. It is essential to check the source flawlessly.


Movies are available in all quality like 480p movies, 720p movies, 1080p movies.

Download size-wise – 300mb movies, 500mb movies, 700mb movies.


There is a hundred of on-demand APK in recent times. But we always try to take the best one. HD Movie app is a fantastic one for those who like to watch movies and shows on their smartphones. This app is for both IOS and Android. Even we can download it on our PC also. So, all users can enjoy the app. And I am very sure that it will impress you by giving HD quality which brings you pleasure like a movie hall. Actually, in our busy lifestyle, we don’t have much time to reach the movie hall. This app brings the opportunity for us to enjoy all of our favorite movies and TV shows at any place. We can watch those even when we travel. It is the most enjoyable way to pass your leisure time.

And moreover, the app is entirely free, so why do you spend money at the movie hall? Just keep your device with you and install the app soon and enjoy yourself. This app will satisfy you with its pure HD quality. After using this app, you will not feel any necessity to find any other.